Syria Health

The Biggest International Total Healthcare Exhibition & Conference Serving Syria
28th Nov to 1st Dec 2022
Visitor promotion & Publicity campaign
“SYRIA HEALTH” has smart advertising and promotion strategy to achieve its goals, which containing different integrated and affective tools to be able to transfer its goals and message to all its audiences in different sectors and locations. This promoting strategy tries to attract the target professional visitors in different medical fields and from different parts of the country. It attempts to show the importance of the presence of the international players of the healthcare and medical products and services in "SYRIA HEALTH" to assist for reconstructing the Syria's healthcare system. Tools which will help us to achieve our targets are as follow:
1- Specialized introduction gathering  
2- Advertisement in specialized magazine
3- Outdoor announcement and advertisement 
4- Invite experts through their relevant unions and syndicates 
5- TV and Radio reportage and announcements
6- Social media campaign
7- Press conference
8- E-mail marketing
9- SMS campaign
10- Direct mailing
11- Fax mailing
Besides the general advertising for “SYRIA HEALTH” a special promoting programs are planned for other Syrian cities to inform and attract the professionals of different parts of Syria. It is also arranged to provide transportation and accommodation services for the visitors from other cities, to guarantee the presences of maximum expert visitor in the “SYRIA HEALTH” exhibition.

Syria Health
28th Nov to 1st Dec 2022